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>Terri Trespicio is a New York–based and award-winning writer, brand advisor, and in-demand speaker. She has given two TEDxtalks; one of them, “Stop Searching for YourPassion,”has earned 6+ million views to date.


Terri consults with executives, entrepreneurs, and practitioners all over the country, to help them identify and articulate the critical brand messaging that helps them stand out in a sea of sameness—and use that language at every touch point in their business—from conversations with clients to online presence to conference stages.


She has worked with professionals across industry, but specifically within the financial services industry, helping both independent and wire house firms develop powerful, stand-out messaging that’s not just transformative in their business—but compliance approved.


Terri presents widely, and has presented at three Barron’s top advisor events, and was rated the #1speaker both at Barron’s Top Independent Women Advisors Summit and How Design Live. Other events include Wells Fargo Advisors Pinnacle Event, Pinnacle’s Elite Advisor Forum, TEDxKC,TEDxStLouisWomen, The Institute for Commercial Design, MEA Energy Association, NAPO, PublicRelations Society of America, and Blackstone.


A former magazine editor at Martha Stewart’s Whole Living magazine and radio host at Sirius XM, she has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show and TheAnderson Cooper Show. She’s written for Oprah magazine, Marie Claire, Prevention, BusinessInsider, and MindBodyGreen, among others.


Terri’s also a standup comic and performs all over New York City, including Caroline’s, Dangerfield’s, Gotham, Broadway, and New York Comedy Club. She lives in Manhattan.


I coach misfits, rebels and ostensible iconoclasts who want to serve the greater good. They are the ones who will change history for the better.

Don’t think you are a misfit?


Have you ever felt the need to go against the status quo to experience greater levels of personal freedom? Have you ever taken someone else’s advice on how to be happy and it didn’t work? Have you reached levels of material success but don’t feel completely fulfilled?


“Society tells us the only thing that matters is matter; the only things that count are the things that can be counted.” – Laurence Bolds


Philosophers argue that happiness is the greatest currency. While billions of people innately know what makes them happy, very few actually go after it. So, the virtuous rebel is one that pursues his or her passions, even if they are unconventional. As a coach, I am committed to challenge and support my clients on their heroic journeys. Coaching is a process unique to each. As we dig deeper into your life purpose, I want you to experience sustained joy.


It has been fun to guest lecture at colleges and universities such as Harvard, UCLA, and University of Florida. As well as facilitate mini-courses on happiness, flourishing, meaning-making and community organizing at Emory University. I picked up a few accolades such as Advisor of the Year and contributed to Emory University earning the 2009 Presidential Award for General Community Service by the Corporation for National and Community Service., not to mention, giving two TEDxTalks and appearing on local, regional and national media.


I love applying all aspects of my education in my coaching, particularly:

  • BS, Neuroscience
  • MPH, Policy & Management
  • Energy Leadership Index – Master Practitioner (iPEC)
  • Certified Professional Coach (iPEC)
  • COR.E Dynamics Certified in Four Niches – Transitions, Leadership, Wellbeing, & Performance (iPEC)
  • Certificate in Positive Psychology (Wellbeing Institute)
  • Sally Hogshead Fascinate Certified 


Yet accolades alone would drive me into utter depression.


I’ve had the privilege of coaching entrepreneurs, Ph.D.’s, public servants, musicians, parents, other coaches and just cool people who want to make a difference. It is an insane feeling to share the collywobbles and goosebumps that someone gets when he has an “AHA!” moment or to hear the deep sigh of relief that is released when a client figures out that she is no longer stuck.


When I’m not busy working on you can catch me:

• Swimming!

• Doing something cool with my best bud Zac on men’s night. Check this out.

• Playing music, though I’m not in a band anymore.

Still unsure? No worries!

You want to make sure you’re making a sound investment, and we don’t believe in doing anything half-assed, or half-heartedly. 

Joy revolutions won’t happen unless you are RADICALLY REMARKABLE. It’s not a saying. It’s a way of living.

Perhaps you’ve forgotten that along the way because the status quo has told you you are too old or too young, too idealistic.  But if you still feel that optimized self keeping you up nudging you just before you sleep…

Let me remind you how remarkable you are!

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