The Joy Revolution

2020 spring cohort

(Beta Application)

Thank you for your interest in applying
to be a Beta Applicant for The Joy Revolution! 

Don’t let the levity fool you. We love blurring the lines between work and play but take happiness and joy seriously around here. 

The Joy Revolution Spring Cohort is 16-week, multi-disciplinary digital program, and group coaching community that helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and social justice warriors to define, build, and sustain social movements and personal revolution through the lens of joy.  Our mission is to teach change-agents, entrepreneurs, luminaries, and other do-gooders how to create positive social impact and lasting change through an expanded experience of personal joy. 

Following a one-week orientation, our core curriculum branches into three key phases: create, develop, inspire. Through each phase of the course, you’ll develop a foundational understanding of various positive psychology principles and philosophies, uncovering radical personal transformation while simultaneously creating a unique framework they can use to lead change and create their own communities.


Acceptance into the Beta Program grants you access to the first 30 days of curriculum and group coaching.
(Course Value: $1065;   Your Cost: NO CHARGE in exchange for feedback and testimonial.) 


This phase of the course is all about uncovering your revolution through unparalleled approaches to joy.  You’ll learn how to conquer move from  that empower self-awareness, freedom of choice, and lead to personal transformation.

Learn how to shift your reaction to stress, overcome obstacles with grace, and  uncover the your own unique definition of soul-quenching joy.