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The Joy Revolution


the evolution of revolution
We teach change-agents, luminaries, and other do-gooders how to create positive social impact and lasting change through an expanded experience of joy.

When it comes to creating significant personal and social change, there’s no denying the power of revolution. 

Here’s the thing about revolutions …

They’re long. Difficult

They’re bloody. Painful.
And won at a cost. We all pay the price. 

But they can also be joyful.  

Any social justice fighter worth their weight knows at the end of a revolution won there is joy. Joy is the desired outcome. It’s the purpose. The point. It’s the period at the end of the sentence. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

But what if instead of joy being the end of struggle and strife, what if instead of it seeing it as the resolution, you could empower joy to fuel and nourish your revolution? 

What if joy could be YOUR revolution?



Inspiring social change through joy,
isn't that a bit . . . naive?

Yes . . . if your vision of joy is clicking your heels and thinking happy thoughts.

Our understanding of joy, here at The Revolution,  is a little more complex. 

Joy is a visceral experience that roots deep within each and every one of us. It grows when you create life.  It nourishes momentum in the face of fear.  It encourages self-learning and progress regardless of  doubt.  It doesn’t feel compelled to dismiss “the other” to prove its power. It’s self-empowered. It embraces difference with civility. Joy works to understand the status quo without submitting to its reality.

This program changed the way I approached EVERYTHING in my life and business. I walked away with a lot of ideas for materials I create and share with clients. I was able to develop and create my OWN message that I wanted to share with the world. It was so unexpected — being able to take joys in my life and create with them in a way I hadn’t done before. 

Matt Mills

Founder, coaching on the run

Join us in March 2020

spring cohort

The Joy Revolution Spring Cohort is 16-week, multi-disciplinary digital program, and group coaching community that helps coaches, entrepreneurs, and social justice warriors to define, build, and sustain social movements and personal revolution through the lens of joy.  

Following a one-week orientation, our core curriculum branches into three key phases: create, develop, inspire.

Through each phase of the course, students develop a foundational understanding of various positive psychology principles and philosophies, uncovering radical personal transformation while simultaneously creating a unique framework they can use to lead change and create their own communities.

Start Date: March 25, 2020
Enrollment Opens: March 9, 2020
Capacity: 20 students


When I joined I knew I would learn something that would benefit my business but I had no idea how deeply this group and this content would be integrated into my life! 

I was blown away by the content that was being shared. The depth of the knowledge, the conversations; there were so many “ah-ha” moments we experienced as a community. It
 changed the way I viewed the world from the inside out.

Liz Landrum

Life & Leadership CoacH

what's in store for 2020



Welcome to the Revolution! The first week of curriculum is all about establishing a growth mindset, connecting with your new community, and familiarizing yourself with the course platform.

March 15 – 22

First week of the course and we’re not holding anything back! Dive right into problem-solving; eliminating and managing mental and emotional clutter so you can focus on what’s is most important to you and your growth. Throughout the week, we’ll work together to address your core fears and frustrations. From there, you’ll learn how to hack your mindset so you can keep from feeling overwhelmed and begin to explore problems as potential opportunities and new possibilities.

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

March 15

Unclear about your revolution? Is it an internal upheaval? Is it an external one that creates wild social change? Is it both? Marc walks you through a call process to figure it out, stick it in a knapsack and then throw it over the walls holding you back! That’s a declaration and there’s no going back from there!

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

March 17

Learn how even the most mundane experiences can spark creativity and connection. This LIVE workshop is sure to get your creative juices flowing as we dive headfirst into the art of inspiration and channeling creativity.

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

March 22

Starting a new program while keeping up with daily life can be stressful.

We’ve created a handy little guide designed to hook you up with our top tech tips and tricks. In no time at all, you’ll be able to navigate the course platform and student community with grace and ease. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

March 22

Marc and George share their top ten productivity hacks and the practices they use personally and professionally to fuel growth mindsets and create environments that nourish success. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Underground Participants


Uncover unparalleled approaches to joy that empower choice and lead to transformational shifts. Learn how to shift your reaction to stress and overcome obstacles while developing your abilities as a leader. 

January 29 – February 4

What is happiness? Seriously. We tend to view happiness as the reward at the end of a pursuit. Happiness is earned. It’s external to our being and more often than not feels completely circumstantial. 

This week, you’ll dive headfirst into uncovering the true definition of happiness and joy, exploring ancient philosophies and extrapolating personal life experiences to distill your own unique definition of soul-quenching joy. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

February 5 – 11

With life’s ups, downs, all-the-way-arounds, it’s critical to develop a mental model for personal growth. Without a personal compass for growth, we subject ourselves to the mercy and whims of our environment.

In this lesson, you will learn five elements of growth that can be applied to any situation so you can create a compass for growth that moves you from struggle to strive, and strive to thrive.

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

February 19- 25

It’s long been said that laughter is contagious. Turns out … so is happiness! (We’ve got the studies to prove it.) As we move from personal development to community activation, we’ll discuss the science behind the phenomenon of collective happiness and how you can leverage your definition of joy to create social revolutions. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum Students, Writer & Speakers’ Track Students, and Joy Rev Scholarship Recipients

February 26 – March 10

We know how mentally taxing personal development, self-analysis, and radical growth can be. So while it’s tempting to dive headfirst into revolution theory and community building, taking time to process and absorb everything you’ve learned over the last month is essential to your growth. 

During this two-week period, Core Curriculum students will have continued office hours with Marc and Shaun. 

Writer and Speaker’s Track students will meet with their respective track coach (George or Shaun) for their first small-group breakout session. Together, they’ll begin to define and develop potential narratives and story outlines for their written exposes and ‘TED’ events. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writer & Speakers’ Track Students Only 


This is where the rubber hits the road as we begin to take practical steps toward making the invisible visible and your revolution reality. In this phase of the course, we move beyond personal development and into the sphere of leadership and community activation.

March 11 – 18

Together, we’ll begin to create your own personal theory and methodology for creating social change as we translate your unique experience of joy into an actionable roadmap that you can use to guide your movement and amplify your cause. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writers/Speakers Track Students Only

March 18 – 24

This week is all about learning how to take charge and lead teams. Gather round the campfire as our very own sergeant at arms, Shaun, teaches you the core leadership philosophies and principles that have guided some of the greatest revolutionaries and military leaders through the toughest circumstances.  

This week you’ll also uncover your “Fascinate Advantage Profile.” The results of this assessment will help you to better understand how the world sees you and how you can use your unique “advantages” to guide your revolution and leadership style as we move into the next phase of the course.

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writers/Speakers Track Students Only

March 25 – 31

All right team, it’s time to make your revolution a tangible reality! This week is all about launch mapping and goal planning. Now if you’ve learned anything about The Revolution, you know we like to do things a little differently. Goal-setting is no exception. So this week will begin with an exploration of Hope Theory, what it means to set a “big hairy audacious goal,” and how you can generate the willpower to make your dream a reality. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writers/Speakers Track Students Only

April 1 – 14

You’ve made your way through the toughest two-thirds of the course. Give yourself a pat, but don’t quite kick back just yet. Now is the perfect time to check-in with yourself, assess your progress, and catch up on sessions you’ve missed. 

During this second phase of implementation, Core Curriculum students will have continued office hours with Marc and Shaun. These office hours will be more personally tailed as you work on taking specific action. It’ll be less Q&A about curriculum and more hands-on coaching (which we LOVE!)

Writer and Speaker’s Track students will meet with George and/or Shaun as for their second small-group breakout session. These sessions will also be personally tailored and focused on providing custom feedback and guidance as it relates to your coursework submissions

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writers/Speakers Track Students Only


From the Latin word, inspiro which means “to breathe into and excite,” you experienced radical change on the inside, and growth as a leader, now you’ll learn how to master the magical fairy dust that motivates others to take collective action.

April 15 – 21

Belongingness is one of the most powerful psychological forces that keeps individuals engaged and attached to movements. Failing to create a sense of belonging within your community almost guarantees its dissolution. 

This week you’ll learn how to use four empirically tested elements of community to empower a sense of loyalty and belonging, regardless of the size, scale, and scope of your movement.  

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writer & Speakers’ Track Students Only

April 22 – 28

It’s one thing to flourish as an individual, but how do you create flourishing organizations? Organizations and institutions that  create thriving cultures are few and far between. But it’s not a pipe dream. In this module, we’ll explore you five foundational principals you can use to create robust cultures that promote thriving within individuals.

Open to Core Curriculum and Writer & Speakers’ Track Students Only

April 29 – May 5

Identifying goals and managing conflicting priorities and objectives can become overwhelming even for the most capable of leaders. Learn how to grow your community and sustain momentum while nourishing balance and personal wellbeing. This week we’ll uncover practices and principles that will help you to create a proactive and long-term plan for growth without sacrificing sanity or self-care. 

Access: Open to Core Curriculum and Writer & Speakers’ Track Students Only

May 6-20

You did it! This last week of curriculum is dedicated to you. As we bring the course to a close Marc and Shaun will hold routine and extended office hours. 

Writer and Speaker’s Track students will meet with George and/or Shaun as for their final small-group breakout session. 

 Open to Core Curriculum & Writer & Speakers’ Track Students Only

& VIP Tracks


Conquer self-doubt and find your writer’s voice. Emmy-nominated documentary producer and combat journalist, Shaun Hostutler, unveils the nuance that goes into writing descriptive prose and compelling narratives. 

February 26

Uncover the psychology and art of storytelling and learn how to share your story in a compelling way that connects with the heart and soul of your audience. Learn how to find your voice and overcome the fear of using it. 

Access: Open to Writers Track & VIP Students Only

April 1

The words you choose to express yourself with are as important as the colors of paint an artist chooses to fill a canvas with.  In this session, students will take the feedback they’ve received on their first submissions and will learn to edit and write with descriptive prose, breathing new life into their copy.

Access: Open to Writers Track & VIP Students Only,

May 5

Shaun shares her thoughts on how we can find balance as a passionate (but humble) storytellers and what you can do to stay in the habit of writing as you move forward. Engage in a final conversation regarding the artist’s responsibility to share the stories that make up the human condition and the role we storytellers play in guiding humanity.

Access: Open to Writers Track & VIP Students Only


George Andriopoulos shares his exclusive insights as a 2x TED speaker and the producer of TEDxFarmingdale. Turn your Joy Revolution into a well-crafted narrative that engages and entertains audiences while delivering a powerful message.

March 5

Find the “why” behind your message and learn how to craft a story for the stage that is concise, measurable, and engaging. In this session, George will teach you the precise formula you need to captivate audiences and create “an idea worth spreading.”

Access: Open to Speakers Track & VIP Students Only

April 8

It’s time for the hot-seat! In this session, students will receive feedback on their speeches (and tough love as needed), learning what makes or breaks a TED application while simultaneously developing an appreciation for the value of their voice. 

Access: Open to Speakers Track & VIP Students Only

May 13

In this final “ask me anything” session, George opens himself to answer just about any question you can think of regarding the TEDx application process and what producers look for when vetting applicants.

 Open to Speakers Track & VIP Students Only

DISCLAIMER: TED and TEDx are registered trademark of TED Conferences, LLC. The Joy Revolution is NOT affiliated with or sponsored by TED Conferences, LLC. or any affiliated entities. While some of our coaches have spoken at and produced TED events, The Joy Revolution is a separate entity. We will share the tools and skills that worked for us and our clients, insider information on the application process, and how you can edge out the competition; but participation in this course does not guarantee selection for the TED stage or any stage for that matter. We’ll teach you how to create the opportunity but it’s 100% on you to do the work and earn your spotlight.

meet the 2020 team

Get to know the masterminds behind the Joy Revolution and our 2020 Spring Cohort.


FOUNDER / Lead instructor & Coach

Marc Cordon, MPH, is a positive psychology coach, co-founder of The Joy Revolution™, and author of the book Beyond Resilient: The Coach’s Guide to Ecstatic Growth. He specializes in transitions, leadership, performance, and well-being, helping people break through to the next level to find greater enjoyment and purpose in their lives. With a focus on misfit entrepreneurs and leaders who march to the beat of their own drum, Marc’s coaching empowers people to claim their own joy as they make a difference for others. He has appeared on national television and radio shows and has delivered two TEDx talks on positive psychology and social justice.

Marc served as the Associate Director of Health Promotion and of Multicultural Programs & Services at Emory University where he developed programs and curriculum on social justice, positive psychology, and community engagement. He has received a BS in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and a Masters in Public Health in Policy & Management, as well as coaching accolades from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching and the WholeBeing Institute.


WRITING / speaking coach

George Andriopoulos is the award-winning founder and CEO of Launchpad Five One Six. A creative disruptor and corporate turnaround artist, George inspires change for businesses and individuals stuck in the mindset of defining themselves by their mistakes.

George’s mantra is to turn the weaknesses of who you thought you were into the strengths of who you want to become. He’s taken his unique journey and experience to the stage as a keynote, motivational, and 2-time TEDx speaker, delivering talks that spark inspiration and change. Business acumen, inspiration, and motivation are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to George’s public speaking abilities as he uses an honest approach to his public speaking that provides a thrilling mix of passion, humor, and knowledge to make his point.

Not only are you learning how to use and apply positive psychology as a catalyst to change other’s lives . . . you’re doing it for your own life.

Kris Valeriano

Storyteller / creativity coach

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Diving into all the philosophies and theories behind happiness and learning applicable ways to view joy as a form of activism was powerful! This is a really good program for anyone who wants to transform the world for the better, particularly if you’re an entrepreneur. It’ll help you to solidify the way you can create change in a way that’s aligned, ethical, and meaningful. 

Sara Yamtich

CEO, Resonate with sara

Still unsure? No worries!

You want to make sure you’re making a sound investment, and we don’t believe in doing anything half-assed, or half-heartedly. So this year we’ve come up with something special. 

We believe in The Joy Revolution mission and message so much . . . we’re  opening the door for students to apply for a special scholarship and test the first mod of the course at no cost whatsoever. 

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