Tiny Little Class 04: Elements of Wholebeing (in 15 minutes or less)


The Joy revolution Presents Tiny Little Classes . . .

The Fundamentals of Positive Psychology & Thriving

Tiny Little Class 05: Elemments of Wholebeing (in 15 minutes or less)
Thursday February 6, 2020
7 pm EST

A small candy-coated, 15-minute piece of research, theory, or time-tested philosophy that will jumpstart you to take action in your personal life, your work life, or your joy revolution.

Forget about “shelf-help” hucksters who give unfounded advice that could be completely deleterious to your flourishing. Feed your soul with research-based evidence that will inform all domains of your life and to take action in your inner world and your outer world.

With over ten years of self-studies, grant work, teaching mini-courses in higher education, Marc has curated some of the most influential teachings for you to chew on and embody. And you won’t see them in The Joy Revolution courses.

Whether your goal is simply to feel happier about your life or to optimize your functioning, this complementary course will have something for everyone.

Join Marc Cordon LIVE all February 2020, every Monday through Thursday in February at 7 pm for a live foundational course in positive psychology and thriving. Every Friday in February, we go into a community Q/A and 1-on-1 hot seats that use utilize positive psychology coaching. 

This course is absolutely FREE, and you will have access to the entire course through April 1, 2020. No joke!

Sharpen your pencils. Come correct And be on time, because the Dean of Disruption only has 15 minutes to feed you a hot meal.

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