The Joy revolution Presents . . .

Turn dejection, rejection,
& failure into positive momentum for your revolution

Gain confidence in your movement, learn to articulate your message, and start spreading the gospel. 

Whether it’s writing a chapter in a book or speaking on the “red dot” of a TED stage; having the courage to make the invisible visible takes skill, finesse, and a truck-ton of courage.  But even the bravest and most talented of us can succumb to a gnawing sense of fear when facing dejection, rejection, or failure. 

Join Shaun Robben, Marc Cordon, and George Andriopoulos for a special Golden Mic interview as Shaun turns the tables, jacks the mic, and uses her skills as a former journalist to put Marc and George in the hot seat.

Together they’ll reveal how you can turn your greatest fears and darkest experiences into positive momentum. George and Marc will also share their unique insights on their TEDx experiences, the application process, and overcoming the fear (and pain) of rejection.